Precision engineering of machined components.

Precision Engineering

Our products include everything from standard rough machined components to prototypes and small quantity specialist items. We specialise in engineering products with high tolerance dimensions or use of exotic materials such as precision valve components, micro-splines, power cylinders and drive sleeves. Everything is inspected by our dedicated QA team. With a wealth of expertise and…

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Spark and wire erosion for electrical discharge machining

Wire & Spark Erosion (EDM)

At Bentham & Holroyd we have both CNC wire erosion and spark erosion machining facilities for subcontract work or as part of our full in-house design and manufacturing services. Electrical discharge machining (EDM) is a method primarily used for hard metals or those that would be very difficult to machine using traditional techniques. Also referred…

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Hardfacing and overlaying

Hardfacing & Overlaying

High-quality weld overlaying and hard-facing service. Many new manufactured components may need areas that require better wear characteristics than the main part of the component, this is where overlaying or hard facing of the area with an alternative material can be a benefit. By using a harder or tougher material than the original component this…

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Benthams - The UK Brush Company

‘Ferrari 458 & 488’ Removable Reg Plate

Designed to be suitable for standard 458 & 488 Ferrari’s due to the front valance, this removable registration plate bracket has a simple spring loaded system allowing for quick and easy installation leaving no marks on the car.   Keeping the car road legal whilst maintaining the original desirable beauty of the car for off-road…

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Manufacturer welding

Fabrication & Welding

Our fabrication and sheet metal activities include in-house CNC waterjet cutting, sheet metal folding and various certified welding procedures. We also work very closely with many of our partners to offer hard anodising, powder coating, laser cutting as part of an end product. Over the years we have designed and manufactured many bespoke items from…

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Industrial brush roller bespoke manufactured by Benthams

Industrial Brush Manufacture

Combining our capabilities in precision engineering with our in-house industrial brush manufacturer Widdops Brush, we can offer the very best in custom brush products. Specialising in large bespoke brush rollers, hand-wired pads and individually designed solutions we can supply our customers with a product can meet their exact requirements from the brush body itself through…

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Design and prototyping of bespoke products.

Design & Prototyping

Benthams offer a one-stop-shop solution which encompasses consultancy, design, rapid prototyping, engineering and manufacturing. This makes us ideally placed to service customers who require purpose-designed components, prototypes and specialist fabricated assemblies. Not only are we highly competitive in quotations and tenders, we offer a custom brush design service that is second to none utilising Solidworks®…

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Non destructive testing as part of the quality control process

Non-destructive Testing

With our dedicated quality and inspection team at Benthams we offer many different inspection services. Alongside more traditional inspection methods with callipers and micrometers we utilise FARO 3D coordinate measurement technology to provide accurate dimensional reports and also offer dye-penetration testing to check all materials and welded structures for many faults otherwise invisible to the…

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Five axis machining from Benthams

5 Axis Machining

Faster production turn-arounds with better finishes. With our HAAS E5-5-4AX Machining Centre, Benthams can offer 5th dimension CNC machining utilising the latest in SolidWorks® design and programming. This 5th axis gives us the ability to angle and position the head, allowing us to use shorter, more accurate cutters to machine compound holes with much greater…

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