Throughout 2022 & 2023 Bentham’s have been proud to provide critical components and sponsorship to the Durham University Solar Car project resulting in the successful manufacture of a fully working solar powered car now called the DUSC2023, unveiled 8th July 2023.

Capable of >80mph speeds and less overall drag than a standard wingmirror, the car has been designed and manufactured from scratch by a team of 50 students at Durham all in preparation for the 2023 Bridgestone World Solar Car Challenge to be held in Australia in October 2023, where teams from other top universities around the world will seek to drive 3,000km (about 1,864 miles) from Darwin to Adelaide using only the power of the sun.

Working closely with the Chief Engineer on the project, Luke ‘Deacs’ Deacon, we developed and machined many of the larger aluminium parts involved in the structural uprights of the car, with the design  meaning that both strength and weight relief were of the essence and as such offering many challenges in the machining process’ that the team here at Bentham’s were happy to rise to.