Our products include everything from standard rough machined components to prototypes and small quantity specialist items.

We specialise in engineering products with high tolerance dimensions or use of exotic materials such as precision valve components, micro-splines, power cylinders and drive sleeves in a vast range of shapes and sizes. Everything is inspected by our dedicated QA team.

Bentham and Holroyd Ltd, Bradford. photo by Roger Moody

Utilising both manual and CNC lathes, we offer precision fitting that cannot be achieved quite so simply with more standard modern methods alone. This is ideal for components with higher quality requirements as often associatied with petrochemical, sub-sea and nuclear installations/assemblies.

With a wealth of expertise and wide selection of machining capacity including manual and CNC turning, milling, and spark and wire erosion, we are accredited to the very latest in ISO9001.2015 quality standards, offering full traceability with inspection at all levels of manufacturing with our high-precision FARO 3D coordinate measurement technology. We supply many precision machined components to the MOD and Oil & Gas industries’ OEMs.